Kep Italia Glitter

KEP Italia is the absolute leader in terms of safety, design and comfort in rijhelmen for all branches of equestrian! Engineering, fit, comfort and elegance are the hallmarks of KEP Italia, Superior Helmets! Safety and modern design to meet the demands of the (professional) rider. This cap is lightweight (400 grams) and be guaranteed a perfect and comfortable fit, with ultimate safety and protection. The helmet is equipped with ACS (Air Control System) with the grid on the front ensures optimum ventilation. This controls the air flow and is easy to open and close. The lining is made of high tech material and a whole easily demountable and replace / wash. Sweaty-smelling heads and helmets to the past! Comes with luxurious, waterproof bag with storage for gloves and the CEP Clean cloth. This helmet is easy to clean. Dimensions: M (51-58), and L (59-62), whereby the perfect size can be created for each individual rider with the inner liner. The KEP Italia is the only helmet that meets all safety requirements that exist worldwide.

We send our Kep Italia to customers around the world. Within the EU, we do not charge shipping. For most countries outside the EU, we charge a surcharge of 25 euros, contact us for more details!












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